Baby food. Various bowls of fruit and vegetable puree with ingredients for cooking on wood

Homemade Baby Food, Locally Sourced, with a "Dash" of Motherly Love 

This Cutie is Enjoying

Sweet Potato, Apple, Beet..Yum

Lorenzo: 8months

Who we are...

We at Natural Baby Organics see beyond basic nutrition and believe that every bite matters from the start. We are on a mission to create a fresh, organic, product enriched with locally sourced produce to nourish your little one. So take a load off and let us at

Natural Baby Organics take care of all the shopping, cooking, and prepping too.


why choose us over store bought?


Our product is always fresh and trustworthy. No worries about hidden ingredients such as added preservatives, added sugars, or extended expiration dates.

Locally Sourced

We support our local community by sourceing the highest quality produce from local farmers 


Our product is made from scratch and goes straight from our kitchen to your baby's tummy 


Our product is 100% organic so parents can rest easy knowing that their little one is consuming a safe nutrient dense meal every time.