To be the leading organic baby food company for the families of my "local" area while supporting and sourcing the highest quality produce from local famers to create a wholesome, fresh, and tasty product that babies will love and parents can trust.

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My Story

My name is Verlina and I'm a wife and mother of three beautiful babies. I've always had a love for cooking and I've always been so intrigued in how the consumption of a nutritionally dense diet plays such an essential role in the healing, development, and overall longevity of our body; so it was a "no brainer" that when I became pregnant with my first child that I had every intention of making my children organic nutrient dense homemade baby food.


What also motivated this decision even further was due to the countless hours spent in the grocery store reading nutrition facts and seeing just how much added sugars and preservatives are in store-bought baby food. After having over 4 years of experience making homemade baby food and coming up with unique tasty combinations for my children this is where the idea of "Natural Baby Organics" was born.

​I believe that every baby deserves to experience exactly what "real" food taste like right from the start which helps create a solid foundation for a healthy, happy, baby while supporting local farmers by sourcing the highest quality produce to give parents a product that they can trust with their little ones.