Holle or Lebenswert?  What is the difference between these baby formulas?  This is probably the question I get asked the most from my clients.  While both formulas are made by Holle, which is one of Europe’s oldest and most trusted infant formula brands.  Holle has been around for more than 80 years and was founded on anthroposophical dietary principles, which is a philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner more than a century ago.  Anthroposophical principles basically means that Holle sources it’s milk from farmers who only practice bio-dynamic farming methods.  Biodynamic farmers view the soil, plants, and livestock as one, and prohibit the use of antibiotics, pesticides, or any unnatural form of farming.  While both Holle and Lebenswert formulas are made with biodynamic milk, it is the type of biodynamic ingredients that set these two amazing formulas apart.

Holle uses Demeter certified biodynamic milk.  The Demeter organization was formed shortly after biodynamic farming began to ensure these products were held to high manufacturing standards.

Lebenswert Formulas are certified by The Bioland Association, which is Germany’s leading certification organization for biodynamic farms.  The Bioland Association’s certification standards are higher than even those set by the European Union (E.U.) and are followed by more than 6,800 farmers and gardeners.

Holle 1 & 2 along with Lebenswert 2 are all sweetened with Maltodextrin,  a polysaccharide sweetener that is derived from starch.  A few clients have asked if there are any dangers to using Maltodextrin in baby formulas, but studies have shown small quantities of Maltodextrin pose no known health risks.

Lebenswert 1 does not contain Maltodextrin, but rather is sweetened with Lactose, which is the closest to breastmilk.

Until about 6 months old a babies digestive system is still forming and in some instances the starch may upset your babies tummy.  If this happens your baby may benefit from a starch-free formula like Lebenswert 1.

While both formulas are over 99% organic and contain NO GMO’s, gluten, soy, synthetic ingredients, or corn syrup it simply just comes down to which formula will work best for your little one.

Holle and Lebenswert 1 – Birth thru 6 months

Holle and Lebenswert 2 – 6+ Months